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Why Pilates?

Pilates is suitable for everybody. It shapes the body and mind, leaving you refreshed, energised and engaged!

Pilates is an ideal way to get you moving safely and effectively if you are recovering from an injury, or if you have medical concerns or if you just haven’t exercised for a while. The Pilates method is comprehensive and adaptable and can be modified to suit your needs, no matter whether you’re a complete novice or an athlete. Even if you are quite fit or are looking to enhance your sporting performance, Pilates can offer a unique, personalised and challenging workout.

Pilates can develop and enhance your:

• Abdominal and pelvic floor tone
• Core stability
• Spinal and joint mobility and stability
• Muscle strength and definition
• Posture and balance
• Flexibility

Pilates can improve your:

• Body awareness
• Sleep quality
• Mood and energy levels

Why Choose Body Wisdom Pilates?

At Northside Pilates we offer safe, effective and personalised Pilates which is closely supervised and guided by our highly qualified and experienced practitioners.

Equipment-based Studio sessions (private, duo or trio sessions)
An individualised exercise program using Pilates Studio equipment to suit your personal rehabilitation needs and exercise goals. Suitable for everyone. No Pilates experience necessary. Initial assessment required before participation.

Pilates Mat classes (max 8 people)
Mat based small group sessions for those with no active rehabilitation issues. No Pilates experience necessary. Sessions may be graded according to experience.

Individual assessment is required before participating in equipment-based Studio sessions. Assessment may also be recommended by our therapists before participating in other classes to assist in identifying and resolving any movement issues.

All Pilates sessions are by appointment only. Bookings are essential.

Please note that 24 hours’ notice must be given if you are unable to attend a booked session otherwise a late cancellation fee will be charged.

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