Akiko Koshiishi

Wahroonga - Pilates Instructor

I started practicing Pilates in 2018 after my chiropractor recommended it to me to strengthen my core muscles. I have suffered backache since I was a teenager which worsened after the birth of my three children. Through Pilates, I was able to train my weak muscles and correct my posture resulting in less problems with my back.

From this positive experience, I totally fell in love with Pilates and decided to take up the instructor course so as to share my wonderful experience with others who may suffer from similar physical issues and challenges as I have had.

I believe that the strengthening of the inner muscle groups like the pelvic floor muscle and other outer muscle is very important to our general wellbeing especially as we age.

When teaching Pilates, my focus is for our clients to get to know their own bodies better which enables them to avoid possible injuries in the future. It will also help strengthen and stretch their muscles at the same time. For clients who wish to improve on their personal performance in sports, core training with Pilates would be highly beneficial to that endeavor as well.

Every body is different anatomically. I intend to observe each client closely and recommend different modification/progression and props to cater to different clients’ body during my class.

I am also attending Clinical Pilates classes currently so that I can gain more knowledge in order for me to better assist injured and/or aged clients.

2020 Certified for BASI mat instructor
2022 Certified for PCA mat Pilates instructor
2022 Certified for PCA reformer Pilates instructor

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