Melissa Turnock

Wahroonga - Pilates Instructor

I started Pilates back when no one in Sydney had heard of it.

I had terrible back pain in my early 20s while learning to be a Speech Pathologist and after many Physio, Chiro and Rheumatology appointments I found Pilates in 1996 in Neutral Bay.

I very soon started to be pain-free and developed confidence in my movement that previously had me being very cautious and frightened to push my body too hard. After years of regular Pilates I became an evangelist and decided to learn to become a teacher in 2001, yes I have been teaching Pilates ever since!

I have owned a large studio in North Sydney, taught group mat and reformer classes at various studios on the northern beaches and most recently, ran a private one-to-one studio from my home for 10 years.

I have a real passion for Pilates as rehab, having walked that path myself and I implicitly trust the method to retrain the body and alleviate tightness and pain. I get great joy from helping people walk out of the door feeling better with a smile on their face.

I am also a Yoga teacher, I teach trauma release sessions (TRE) and do energy and sound healing sessions. All things I have received and immersed myself in and want to share.

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