Northside Sports Physiotherapy

How we can help you

Have any of the below issues? We can assist you with these and much more!

Sports injuries

Acute diagnosis of weekend sports injuries with the goal of returning you back to the field fit and healthy.

Muscle strains and ligament injuries

A common occurrence in not only sports but day to day activities. We can speed up your recovery with early accurate diagnosis and appropriate management plan.

Orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation

ACL reconstructions, reconstructive shoulder surgeries, Post ORIF or fracture fixation surgery.

Back and neck pain

Back and Neck pain are common problems caused by poor posture. Let us help relieve your pain.

Arthritis and degenerative conditions

Whether it’s knee arthritis or some recent tennis elbow we can help you recover sooner and return to the things you love.

Casting, bracing, orthotics, taping and more.

Broken arms, torn ligaments or just weekend taping. We can sort you out.

We also cater for many more conditions such as Headaches, Knee Injuries, Muscle & Joint Strains, Postural Pain, Children’s Injuries, Dry Needling, Casting & Splinting, Braces, Post-operative Rehabilitation & custom Orthotics.

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