Karen Willey

Wahroonga - Pilates Instructor - Masters of Applied Science, Ex & Sp Sc Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (Polestar)

For more than 20 years, Karen has been teaching Pilates, practising meditation and learning a variety of intuitive healing modalities. Her inspiration is holistic personal evolution for both her clients and herself, reconnecting body, mind and spirit.

Using Pilates and subtle energetic flow, Karen helps people to move optimally and without pain, improving their physical capacity and re-establishing trust in their bodies. Karen's passion is to help people, especially those with medical problems or injury, improve their health outcomes and well-being with movement tailored specifically to their needs.

Karen has a wealth of experience in the Pilates industry. She owned and operated Mindful Movement Pilates Studio until late 2017. She completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates instruction with Polestar Pilates and has been a Polestar Mentor assisting new instructors in their training for the last 9 years. She conducts workshops for students and other Pilates professionals.

Karen’s background is in health and research. She was a Diabetes Nurse Consultant for 10 years at the Diabetes Centre at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, where she was responsible for clinical care, patient and health professional training, and research. She also completed a Masters Degree (by Research) in Exercise and Sport Science. Her research focused on the effects of progressive resistance training in elderly, obese, diabetic subjects. Her research work has been published in international peer reviewed journals and she has co-authored a book on diabetes care for patients and health professionals.

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